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What is Managed Service

Mar 23, 2017 | Managed Support, PC Repair

Why managed service can empower your business

Simplified support gives you one less thing to worry about.

What is “Managed Service”?

At it’s core, managed service is a technology firm doing proactive maintenance and monitoring on your technology assets. Business technology that you use everyday should be supported and monitored. What we’ll cover here is how we implement managed services and why we’re different.

We found that business owners wanted a simpler way to get technology support they need. For many the aggravation of multiple invoices and sometimes different hourly rates for different services was aggravating at best. Business owners wanted the freedom to pickup the phone and get help, without nickle and dime charges.

What does this do for me?

In a word, simplicity. Our mission is to simplify technology for businesses. We do that using 1, great customer service. 2, Our vast experience working in technology for 16 years. 3, Our secure cloud platform. For the business you gain an IT department at a much lower cost than hiring help desk, system administrator, network engineer, web designer, etc. You get one invoice that covers all of your technology. You’re workforce is empowered and you don’t receive multiple invoices charging high hourly rates. We’ve not found anyone offering unlimited support, both remote and on-site, for one low monthly price.

managed support premium

One place, all technology

First, at a minimum we cover your desktop and laptop computers. If you have a server, or multiple servers, support for those are covered as well. When there’s an issue, you call us like you would any technology consultant. However, now you know there won’t be another invoice or charge from us for our time.

Secondly we can do more than just manage your computers and servers. We can include your networking technology, phone system, websites, smart phones, smart TV’s, etc. You tell us what you need to be able to get help with and it’s included. The pricing is variable based on how many devices and what you want covered. When you grow, you’ll know the increase upfront. There won’t be any surprises.

Third, it covers implementing new technology. So when you receive a new computer, replace a server, or need to add and deploy a cloud service, it’s covered.

Fourth, business class anti-virus included! That’s right, we build it in our monthly service so you don’t need to worry. our business class antivirus provides real time protection, scheduled scanning, constant updates, and other features you would expect.

Other services, based on usage such as backup, can also be bundled in. We provide a HIPPA complaint secure cloud backup. Your data is protected and secure from large natural disasters all the way down to accidental deletion of files.

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What if I want service based hourly?

We still do that for many clients and are happy to provide hourly based break-fix and project support. However most find that switching to a managed model provides less of a headache for their staff and business goals where technology is concerned. Managed Services we worry about your technology, we advise you on best course of action, and remediation of issues is handled with ease.

You will also miss out on the proactive maintenance, monitoring of computer health, backup integration, and centrally managed corporate anti-virus. Wait, what’s that? Most businesses rely on the free versions of anti-virus and while it does provide some protection there are still downsides. One, when a virus is detected and the alert shows up on the screen, your busy employee can choose to ignore. No one got an email telling them that computer was infected. With out centrally managed corporate anti-virus, we know. Another downside is the free versions of anti-virus don’t have all the features of their paid counter-parts. That’s important to note, those features are usually important in discovering and stopping viruses from infecting a computer.

I’m interested in simplifying

Great! To get started we just need to know a little about you and schedule a visit to discuss your needs. Every client is unique and we work with clients from many many industries. If you want to know more you can call us at 865-235-1705 or email us at There’s also a form here you can fill out and we’ll contact you.

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