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We love helping businesses by simplifying their technology.

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Computer Repair

Reliability you can trust. We only fix what is necessary and never oversell or over charge.


Website Design

Modern web design that tells who you are.  Clean design that communicates who you are and what you do.


Data and Voice don’t have to be complicated. Upgrade to VOIP, ditch copper for SIP? Get the right solution.


When you need more from your website, to interact, to help sell, to communicate. Let us help you make your website work for you.

Technology has never been so simple.

Shafer Technology keeps us going. We depend on our computers day in and out. Their managed service makes it simple for us. When there is an issue, it’s just taken care of.


CEO, Custom Crafted Construction

We needed reliable and dependable. Shafer Technology is just that. They’ve helped us with our phone system, desktops, and network. Each time providing the solutions we needed.


President, Tennessee Water

As a startup I needed someone to walk me through how to get online with a website. Shafer Technology Solutions took care of everything and designed my site fast.


Owner, Allow Me Events

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Website design is still important and every business deserves a great website. Find out why you can’t just rely on social media.

Patch Management

Patch management isn’t something most business owners think about. Some will tell you they’ve turned on automatic updates. So, that’s it, you’re good right? Not so fast. Desktop, Laptops, and their software Desktops and laptops with automatic updates turned on will...

Business Backup Solutions

Choosing the right Backup solution Business data backup has come along way from onsite WORM or tape backup drives we used in the 90’s and early 2000’s. Now in addition to on-site backup of those older technologies, you have the option to use USB thumb drives, USB SSD...

Solar Eclipse – No Selfies

Thinking of using your camera for the 2017 Solar eclipse? Think again…

What is Managed Service

What is “Managed Service”?At it’s core, managed service is a technology firm doing proactive maintenance and monitoring on your technology assets. Business technology that you use everyday should be supported and monitored. What we’ll cover here is how we implement...