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Website design vs facebook

Nov 2, 2017 | Business Technology, Website Design

Why do I need a website?

Facebook Business page isn't enough website design can fill the void

Why do I need a website design? I have Facebook.

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If you’re in business, just using a Facebook page, you’re missing out on customers and opportunities. Not only are you missing opportunities, you’re not in control. As a result, you’re online ecosystem isn’t complete, because frankly almost all of your customers, don’t shop from Facebook. A website allows you to say more, show more, and do more for your customers. A good website design showcases you, how you choose.

We make website design easy, from start to finish and incorporate your social media like Facebook, twitter, Instagram, and many others. Rather than risk it, let’s talk about your website. Consultation is always free.

Limits of a Facebook Business Page

Organic Reach

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Facebook makes it really easy to start a page. They encourage it everywhere on their site and apps. You put in a name, a logo, address, what kind of business you are and magically you’re online!

Well not quite. Because now you have to get “Likes” and create content constantly, and try to find ways to engage prospective customers.

So you create your first post. You keep checking to see if the “people reached” has sky rocketed, but it doesn’t. If you’re lucky and hundreds of your friends liked your page, you’ll find somewhere around 5-20 “people reached”. That’s if you’re lucky.

What we’re talking about is the organic reach of your Page’s post. This is how many people see your post on their timelines, without any paid promotion. Furthermore, it won’t be much unless you have thousands of likes on your page. Even then Facebook limits what is shown on other people’s news feeds.

Customization Limits

Customizing your business profile on Facebook is very limiting. Facebook is a single platform and it needs consistency. Your cover photo and logo are unique (or should be), you can rearrange the tabs for the page, and order of what’s seen. You’re free to upload pictures and videos. You can even add the services you offer. There’s very little you can do to set yourself apart.


Everything you put on Facebook, you just granted Facebook the right to use. You don’t own your profile. Consequently, your page can be deleted if they choose or modify the content. It’s their platform.

Customer Access

How are you hoping to educate potential clients about your business? Think about how you use facebook, do you use the search feature to find products and services? Have you ever paid attention to “Other Pages you might like”? Probably not, no one else is either. Facebook pages need to create a stream of content and mix paid and non paid posts to get attention. Typically to drive traffic to your website. Where YOU are in control.

Websites allow you to do much more

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Website content such as a blog post, video, or picture can be used on most any social network. You can’t do that with a Facebook post.

Website design will make the sky the limit. You can create content of your choosing, incorporate contact methods, and strategize content however you like. Furthermore, you set up shop how you want it.

Choose your layout and content

You’re website will allow you to setup a layout that’s more conducive to your business. For example, a photography business needs to showcase information differently than a restaurant. Going through the website design process will allow you customize the look and feel of your company’s online presence. Every business has different needs, this is where a website comes in.

Updates that matter

Good website design should allow for blogging or content updates of the owner’s choosing. You can post all the updates you want. These should then be shared to all of your social media profiles of your business.

Customer Access

A website should allow your customers to access what you want them to, how you want them to. That photographer doesn’t have a way to show proof’s on Facebook so the customer can’t just download them. The restaurant will be limited in showing it’s menu and options. Mixing media types is easy when you have a website. Consequently, Facebook limits this presentation to a chronological news feed.


Facebook is terrible at support, you can Google this and it becomes obvious they rely heavily on community support. This will be regular user comments and Facebook employees. Our website design team is here for you, to help answer questions and ensure you have what you need. Hence, we ensure a great experience.

Single Use

Your website posts, pages, and media can be shared on any social media platform. Due to the fact, you own it and can distribute your content how you like. Your facebook page posts cannot. You can use that blog post on Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, and any other social media platform you want. We can even help you post to all of them automatically, every time you write a blog entry.

Websites that work

In conclusion, websites and your social media should work together. You won’t have a great online experience if you’re not using both. Having a Facebook page is important but without a Website, it will be a very limiting experience. If truly want to set yourself apart from your competition and provide an overall experience that benefits your customers, let’s talk. We’d love to help you get started.

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