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Terms and Conditions

You, “Buyer”, agree to these terms and conditions.

  1. Shafer Technology Solutions (further referenced as “Shafer”) agrees to provide these services on a monthly basis.
    1. Shafer may alter these terms 30 days prior to the billing period and not before. It is the Buyer’s responsibility to provide proper contact information so that Shafer may communicate these changes via email.
    2. A valid Buyer email is required. Shafer assumes no liability for invalid contact information entered by the Buyer.
    3. The Buyer is also responsible for informing Shafer that contact information has changed.
    4. Buyer agrees to receive all communication through electronic mail, commonly known as email.
      1. Other forms of communication are at the discretion of Shafer and when it deems necessary.
    5. This agreement is in effect for the duration that Buyer uses the services. Buyer also agrees to late payment procedures offered by Shafer.


  1. Buyer is responsible to pay for all machines listed on the system, at any point during the billing cycle.
  2. Machines are not pro-rated for a duration of use. They are each billed for a month if they are not removed prior to the bill cycle.
    1. Bill cycle is from the first of each month to the end of the month.
    2. All invoices are due 10 days from first of each month.
    3. Machines auto remove after 60 days of non-use. Machines that are turned off will still be billed until the 60 day threshold has been met.
  3. Payment can be accepted by check, paypal, or credit card via Shafer online payment options.
  4. Machine must be virus free and error free at the time of installation.
    1. If Buyer’s machine is currently infected with a virus OR currently experiencing a hardware or software error when installed discounts or allotted time will not apply to repairing those issues. Our regular pricing will be billed for the time spent to correct any issues with the machine.


  1. On-site service is not available in all areas. Buyer should verify that Shafer is available for on-site service before purchase.
  2. On-site service for Managed Support is limited to all destinations with in 1hr of 877 E Wolf Valley Rd, Heiskell, TN 37754 as determined by Google Maps.
  3. Areas out side of this range are available for remote support.
  4. Determination of on-site support is at the discretion of Shafer Technology Solutions.

Cancellation of Service

  1. Buyer may cancel the service on a per machine basis.
  2. Cancellation occurs when the software is removed using the Operating Systems built in software removal procedures or when requested and removed by Shafer via our centralized control.
  3. Buyer may request, in writing, to have software removed by Shafer through remote removal.
  4. Buyer can request in writing to have software removed from all machines on the Buyers account.
  5. All cancellation requests must be sent in writing, via email from the address listed on the account.
  6. Removed machines lose access to any promotional pricing that was in place prior to the cancel.


  1. There are no refunds available. Cancellation only occurs after 60 days of no activity from a machine or requested in writing. Cancellation billing will follow Payments section, item 2.

Non Pay

  1. Non paid invoices will be marked late after 20 days.
  2. After 30 days Shafer will impose a $5 fee per machine on the account.
  3. After 45 days Shafer will consider the account delinquent and begin Collections by a third party.


Abuse of the Managed Support offer is forbidden. Using the Managed Support offer to underpay for support by installing and re-initiating software, only when support is needed, will be marked as abuse. Buyer agrees to continue service in good faith, understanding that sporadically installing our software and removing during periods of support needs is not allowed.

If it is determined that Buyer is abusing our offering they will be required to:

  1. Pay for all repair work at the full hourly charge.
  2. Pay a penalty Service charge of $50 per remote support instance and for each on-site visit.
  3. All work that was performed will be expected to be paid immediately, due within 24 hours.

Our goal is to offer technology support that is beneficial and affordable. However it relies on our customers to be faithful to their subscribed plans. Shafer Technology Solutions offers these plans in good faith that a customer will continue to use our services on a monthly basis to limit confusing and costly billing practices by other services.