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Locky Virus hijacking Facebook and linkedIn

Nov 28, 2016 | Cyber Security, PC Repair

Locky Ransomware Hijacking Social Media

False: Facebook confirms Ransomware not spreading via Images


News spread yesterday of ransomware being spread by images shared on LinkedIn and Facebook. Today we have learned the truth, that isn’t the case. At least not on Facebook. Talking to Engadget, Facebook confirmed it was actually a bad chrome extension. There were also reports of Locky spreading via Messenger, which are also false according to the update on Engadget.

Great Reminder

However, this incident is a great reminder to stay vigilant. We all need to pay attention when using the internet. Many time, we are only one click away from the disaster of Ransomware.

While much of the PC Repair business is built on repairing failures or software issues, much of it is built around removing and cleaning viruses. That’s why our Managed Support options include free virus removal.

You can always ask

Furthermore, even if you aren’t a current customer, we’re happy to answer your questions. When you see technology news reports that concern you, feel free to reach out and ask us. We’re always happy to answer questions and help when we can.

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