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Managed Support FAQ

What does it cover?

Each level of Managed Support covers the machine or machines you install the software on. The hardware on the machine, the software installed are all protected.

How does the pricing work?

The pricing is per machine. You are given the installer or install link. You are free to install this on any machine you wish. Each machine will increase your overall bill. Once a computer is on the system, it will incur a $20 charge. Regardless of how long the software was installed.

I paid through the website, now what?

We’re building your account. You will receive an email with download instructions within 24 hours. Once you have the download load link, download the file, unzip, and then install on the machines you paid for.

What is the billing cycle

The billing cycle is the beginning of each month until the end of the month.

Nothing is prorated. If you install in the middle of the month the full amount is due for that computer(s).

When am I eligible for support?

You are eligible for support immediately.

Can I call about my printer, wireless network, or other devices?

Yes, but these devices are not covered independently. If the problem exists on another device that is not on the system, you will be charged by the hour.

Will you setup a new computer under the support plan?

New computer setup is not offered. However, please see our pricing on the PC Repair page for current new computer setup.

If my hard drive fails what is covered under the support plan?

Basic: You will get a 25% discount applied for on-site support off the current hourly rate.

Advanced: You will get a 45% discount applied for on-site support off the current hourly rate.

Premium: You will not be charged for the on-site support while you are within your 4 hours of included time.

Can I add my family computer or a friends?

You can add ANY computer you wish to add. We have business owners who add elderly parents, home computers, etc. However, we cannot split the invoice. The invoice must be paid by one person. Furthermore billable work will be billed to the contact listed on the account. This means if you install the software on your parent’s computer, and they incur an extra charge, it will appear on your subsequent bill. They cannot be billed separate.

My friend needs help, can I install the system and get them covered?

Yes. However, if we determine abuse of the program has occurred you will be billed the full hourly rate for any support.

Abuse is considered installing the software and uninstalling the software only when support is needed.

Example: You need support on a machine that does not have the system in place. You install the software and call for support. Once the computer is fixed you uninstall the software and pay for that month only. A few months later you need help again on this machine and install the software to utilize the built in support. These actions violate the spirit of the program and will incur a charge for our full hourly rate on that machine, plus other penalties.

Please see our Terms and Conditions for more information.

If I replace a computer in the middle of the month, am i charged twice?

No. As long as the old computer has the software removed correctly and the new machine has it installed you will not be billed twice for that month.

Bonus: Transferring over the information is included in your plan!

Why is on-site support limited for Premium?

On-site computer repair support is much more expensive. You are never charged a destination fee or travel time. As such we pay our technicians by the hour. Most support requests can be resolved by remote support. However, our effort is to keep support simple. The allotted time, per machine, should be enough to ensure your IT budget stays within check.

Is virus removal still free if it requires on-site visit?

Yes. Virus removal that requires an on-site visit is included. However, if you request other services outside of removing the virus that will be charged or count against built-in time. Virus removal covers removal of the virus or reinstalling the Operating system.

My machine has a virus, can I sign up for support?

You can sign up for support, however installing AFTER the infection has taken place will not be covered.

The computer must be virus free and functioning properly when you purchase then install our software. Any work that needs to take place on the machine, prior to or just after installation IS NOT covered by Managed Support.

Will you help me install it?

Yes. We can assist with an on-site install, no extra charge. Simply send us an email or call us, after purchase, to schedule a day and time.